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About Us

Who are we?

WebDeal is an independent creative company based in Kyiv that entered the market from private proprietary business. Thinking outside the box is a religion of the new age and is unique advantage of the new world in which we live. We work at the intersection of design, communications, technologies and analytics. Experience in these areas we crystallize in the creation of ideas that bring significant results to our clients.

Someone sees problems and difficulties, but for us it is always a challenge of endless possibilities. Our goal is to create an unforgettable experience for every touchpoint of your brand. An experience that will make the customer stop, think and act.

Our team consists of strategic thinkers, social media gurus, and marketing, programming, and design experts. Attention to the smallest details and nuances, as well as a clear understanding of each client, allow us to go beyond the scope of tasks and constantly expand the boundaries of our capabilities. We create modern, original and bold brands and get a kick out of it.

Constantly developing and improving our competences, we implement large-scale complex projects both in Ukraine and abroad (with the exception of occupiers, кussian warship - go fuck yourself!). For most of our clients, we are a long-term strategic partner, cooperation with which ensures a promising future and development for the business.

  • Business site
    Business site

    A business site is an effective solution for companies and firms that want to combine all information about the organization in one web service for both visitors and your employees. A business site has great opportunities for hosting and managing informational materials.

  • E-commerce store
    E-commerce store

    A web service that sells goods over the Internet. Visitors form a purchase order, choose a method of payment and delivery of the order, pay for the order online, in their browser or through a mobile application.

  • Landing page
    Landing page

    A website whose purpose is to collect contacts of the target audience. It is used to increase the effectiveness of advertising and increase the audience. A landing page mainly contains information about a product or service.

  • Business card site
    Business card site

    A small website usually contains one (or more) web pages. Contains basic information about the organization, private person, company, goods or services, price lists, contact information.

  • Web-site Improvement
    Web-site Improvement

    This is a set of works aimed at improving the functionality and appearance of a website or online store.

  • Redesign

    This is an improvement of the appearance (design) of the site. And by this we mean not only replacing the style (design) of the site, but also improving the structure of the site (modernization), which will be more relevant to the needs of the company and effective from the point of view of the user and your profit.

About Us.

  • 1 Our Mission

    With the help of our unique product, permanently solve the problems of your business in the IT industry.

  • 2 Why us?

    We understand what our clients want and help them achieve their goals with the help of the product we develop for them.

  • 3 How to start working with us?

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